Crystal Quartz Threader Moon Earrings

Crystal Quartz Threader Moon Earrings

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These Threader Earrings are unique in the way they are threaded through the ear with a gracefully dangling chain.  Featured with a crescent moon and a pure Clear Crystal Quartz for clarity.

Earring length approx. 2 ". Quartz 0.5 in long

Each jewelry piece is hand crafted sterling silver and genuine gemstone from a family owned business that has been working with artisan designs for over 25 years. 

Clear Quartz

 Known for being able to absorb and store energy, Clear Quartz can be extremely useful manifesting your intentions.  Connecting to all chakras, it is a universal healer, and provides balance and harmony.

Affirmation: All of my heart's desires are evident and achieved effortlessly. 

Chakra: All chakras