Beginner's Guide to Crystals Course

Beginner's Guide to Crystals Course

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Everything you need to begin your crystal healing practice.

 4 modules of pre-recorded content that fits easily into your busy life.

Each module has optional "soul work" assignments to begin integrating your knowledge and get hands on practice with crystals right away.  

Course curriculum

Module 1: Laying the Foundation - The Background & Science of Crystals

Module 2: How Crystals Work, Myths, & Tips for Working with Them

Module 3: Choosing, Cleansing, & Programing Crystals

Module 4: Chakras, Shapes, & Grids


Upgrade to the VIP POUCH! ✨

$15 VIP Pouch Includes:

  • 3 intuitively drawn pocket stones, aligned to your specific energy
  • 1 - 4 inch smudge stick (palo santo or sage, intuitively chosen)