Soul Retrieval Meditation

In this guided meditation you will meet with Archangel Jophiel who will help you tune into Source wisdom, and bring awareness to & heal your power-leaks.  
We can lose our power through addictive behaviors, social media, relationships/jobs that don’t serve us, negative thoughts etc; from this lifetime, past lifetimes and even generational patterns/traumas that are passed down through your DNA. 
Archangel Jophiel will perform their Golden Light Activation for you, re-alchemizing and returning your energy to you. Through this activation, light codes with in your DNA containing the wisdom on how to retain your power will illuminate and the energetic gridding within your being will be upgraded, giving you easy access to call upon Jophiel's energetic assistance as you continue your journey.  

Meditation download will be delivered to your email. You will receive a store receipt followed by access to the mediation. Please check spam/promotions if you don't see it.