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What is the best way to choose a crystal?

Don't over think it.  You will naturally be attracted to the crystal(s) that you need right now.  Pick the crystals that you are instinctually attracted to.  If you are shopping for them in person, the crystal that is meant to be with you will sometimes tingle in your hand or cause you to feel heat.  

If you are not shopping in person, you can still utilize your intuition. Again, you will naturally be drawn to the crystals that you need. From there, I intuitively choose each specific crystal for you.  

How do I clear my crystals?  What does that even mean?

While crystals put off their own energy and vibration, they also pick up energy from those who handle them and their environment.  Clearing your crystals acts as a way of resetting them and essentially clears out all of this extra energy your stone has collected.  I like to clear my crystals once I get them, and monthly with the full moon. (More on that in a bit). 

Ways to clear your crystals:

1. Sage. 

One of my favorite methods for energetically cleansing anything, especially my crystals.  Smudge a sage stick and allow the smoke to pass over the crystals.  Set the intention to clear energy and open space for love and light.

2. Full Moon Light. 

My other favorite method for crystal cleansing. Every month, I like to set my crystals outside to soak up the light of the full moon.  

3. Use other stones. 

Crystals like selenite and quartz have the ability to cleanse other stones.  Simply lay your crystal on a piece of clear quartz or selenite for at least six hours.  I like to leave it overnight. 

4. Bury it.

Bury your stone in sea salt or soil and leave it overnight.  Be careful not to use the salt method with brittle stones, as the salt can harm them.  

5. Use running water. 

As the water runs over your stone, set the intention for the Universe to remove all negative energy.  Be sure not to use this method with salt-based stones, as they will dissolve. 


How do I use crystals?

Again, don't over think it!  Use your intuition.  There isn't a wrong or right way to use crystals.  I like to display my crystals in my home.  When I need to, I will choose one to hold and appreciate the energy it has to offer.  I meditate with them.  Put them on my tub during a salt bath.  I carry them with me, wear them, and lay with them on my Chakras.  (Chakras are energy centers within the body).  The possibilities are endless.  Do what feels right for you. 

How do I sage/smudge my home?

It's super easy!  The power isn't necessarily in the act itself, but in the INTENTION.

Personally, I like to sage/smudge my home once a month (usually with the full moon) and as needed.  

First, I clean my house.  Like, REALLY clean.  Dust, mop, the whole shebang.  Then I shower (you want to be clean too).  After opening all the windows, I light my sage stick and blow the flame out.  (Make sure to have a dish to catch any ashes).  I start with myself, wafting the smoke around me and stepping through it.  Then, I walk through the house, allowing the smoke to waft through each room.  I generally walk the perimeter of every room, being careful to hit every corner.  Set the intention to clear any negative energy with the smoke, and allow space for love and light.  I usually chant something like, "I clear all negativity and open space for love and light."

Boom.  It's that easy!  Carefully, put out your sage stick once you are finished and save it for next time. 

How long is shipping?

Order processing is 2-5 business days, and shipping takes an additional 2-5 days.  Please contact me if you need expedited shipping by emailing 

If I live in the Dayton, Ohio area, can I pick up my order instead of paying shipping?

Yes, absolutely!  Select the "local pickup" option at checkout. Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at: