Breath Alchemy Teacher Training Waitlist


Learn the foundations of breathwork, the physiologic and energetic benefits, the physical and energetic structure of the breath, and 13 of the most powerful pranayama techniques to integrate into your selfcare rituals & share with your clients. 

You can expect to learn:
Anatomy & Physiology of breathing
Props and placement for maximum support and release
Tips for practice and teaching
Review breaths that stimulate specific vayus (flow and direction of energy).
How to incorporate energy healing in your breath containers
How to intuitively select music and build practice for your clients
How to teach in person and virtually


By inviting the breath into your personal practice, a ripple effect will expand out from you.  You can also take the impact to the next level and share it 1:1 with clients, share it in your masterminds, at your retreats, in your activations, embodiment sessions… it opens so many unexpected doors.

No prior experience of breathwork needed.