Personalized Intuitive Crystal Pack
Personalized Intuitive Crystal Pack

Personalized Intuitive Crystal Pack

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Dun duh duh dah! 

Intuitive crystal packs are here! 🤗

Have you ever heard the saying, “you don’t choose the crystal, the crystal chooses you?”

There are no coincidences, and every stone that comes into your life is guided to you for a reason. Whether it’s a conscious decision or a subconscious attraction, the Universe always provides you with everything you need. Including crystals! 

With the intuitive pack, you select the amount of stones you wish to have, and Universal Intelligence and I do the rest. Each stone you receive will be lovingly and intuitively chosen by me to resonate with YOUR unique vibration and energetic needs.

Your choice: 3 stones or 5 stones

Each pack comes with:

  • intuitively chosen stones
  • Identification card with descrition 
  • Affirmations to use with each stone
  • Beautiful organza bag for storage 

There’s a chance you might receive a stone in your pack that you already own.  Please be open to this possibility and understand that each pack will be uniquely customized to your energy, and each stone will be selected on the basis of its vibrational value for you. 💕

*If you are gifting this pack to someone, please note it at checkout and provide the person’s name so that stones can be chosen appropriately.