When I Start Breathing Again

The breath is what got me back into my body.
When I started my healing journey, I had gotten really good at being numb and not feeling. I was completely checked out of myself, and when I was ready to claim ME again, I didn’t know how to get back in.
I was doing all the things... meditating, journaling, salting, saging, crystalling... nothing was working. I had so many moments where I could feel like something was about to release... the emotions were coming... and then nothing. I was stuck.
When I finally got to a place to listen and hear, my guides told me it was in the breath, so I started noticing it.
Photo: Kiley Shai Photography @ We Will Rise Mastermind with Andee Love
And I noticed how I almost didn’t breath. I began to notice how shallow my breathing was throughout the day, and how I held my breath when I was nervous. How my anxious days were filled with tiny inhales and lots of suspensions...
That is when everything changed.
The breath gives us life. The breath gets us back into our bodies. The breath moves the energy. The breath is always there to support us and when we are completely lost, we can always return to it.
There is so much that I want to say about breathwork practice, and instead, I’d like to invite you to try it for yourself.
Join me sometime to experience the Breath for yourself. I promise it won’t be scary. Maybe it's your first time doing anything like this, and that’s even better. Give yourself a chance to try something new and see what happens.
Maybe nothing will happen. Or maybe everything will happen.✨

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