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Breathwork can be a form of meditation, where we use our breath as a focus point to steady the mind.  Our breath body is the doorway from our physical body to our more subtle bodies. This is where our chakras exist; think of the potential for healing here.  When we start to observe the breath, we can observe the movement of energy through our physical body and through our subtle bodies.

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When I Start Breathing Again

The breath is what got me back into my body. When I started my healing journey, I had gotten really good at being numb and not feeling. I was completely checked out of myself, and when I was ready to claim ME again, I didn’t know how to get back in. I was doing all the things... meditating, journaling, salting, saging, crystalling... nothing was working. I had so many moments where I could feel like something was about to release... the emotions were coming... and then nothing. I was stuck.

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Distance Reiki

Reiki is a form of energy work used to promote healing of physical, mental, and emotional dis-ease.  Reiki means, "universal life force," and as a reiki practitioner, my own energy has been attuned to channel the universal life force.  This is something we all have access to.  As energetic beings, we are designed to move energy and allow it to flow through and around us.  Our energetic bodies are made up of the aura (energy fields, take energy in), chakras (energy centers, breaks down the energy), and meridians (energy pathways, distributes energy throughout the body).  Trauma and stuck emotions and this can cause "energetic blockages" in our systems. 

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