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Breathwork can be a form of meditation, where we use our breath as a focus point to steady the mind.  Our breath body is the doorway from our physical body to our more subtle bodies. This is where our chakras exist; think of the potential for healing here.  When we start to observe the breath, we can observe the movement of energy through our physical body and through our subtle bodies.

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How to Use a Pendulum

How to use a pendulum: 1. Get a pendulum.  (Obs). 2. If you are using something new to your energy, I highly recommend "getting to know" your pendulum.  Carry it with you.  Let it attune to your vibration and you it its vibes.  The more you get to know your crystal, the better you two can work together.  2. Ground and center yourself prior to using your pendulum.  This allows your ego to rest and your intuition to rise.  3. Hold the pendulum from the top of the string, cord, chain, etc.  Allow it to suspend from your fingertips. Steady its movement.  4.  You can either ask your pendulum to show you a "yes" or "no" response, or you can...

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5 Tips for Working with Crystals

Beginning to work with crystals can be super over-whelming.  We tend to overthink things, and if you are like me, that makes you freeze and not do anything at all. I'm here to let you know that it doesn't have to be like that! Here are my 5 tips for starting to work with crystals:

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