How to Use a Pendulum


Spiritual work and getting to know your intuition is a pretty abstract journey... Learning to get in touch with and feel what IS, even when there isn't something tangible to grasp. Luckily, Spirit has gifted us with tools to help bridge our 3D experience to that which we came here to tune into.  

Crystals are a tangible tool that I used when I began my spiritual journey.  Working with pendulums is also a really great tool, that we can see, touch, and feel, as we move through the energetic ebb and flow of all that is.  

What is a pendulum? 

A pendulum is a weighted object that is suspended from a string, chain, or rope.  Crystal pendulums are really fantastic to help amplify energy and deepen connection, but you can use something as simple as a ring on a piece of string too.

How do pendulums work?

Pendulums work by swinging in certain directions, or making certain movements in response to "yes" and "no" questions.  

"Dude, you're just moving it to make it swing like that."

Well, that might not be completely wrong... pendulums are tools that amplify intuition through movement. Intuition COMES FROM THE BODY.  It's through gut feelings, goosebumps, and little nudges of knowing that our body and intuition speak to us. The pendulum is used to connect with the body and amplify what energetic signals it is trying to send out for us to notice and receive.  

Another really cool concept with pendulum work, is that it combines your energy to the spiritual realm to access the knowledge in that higher realm.  

Take what resonates with you, and leave the rest.  Now let's talk about what to do with these things.

How to use a pendulum:

  1.  Get a pendulum.  (Obs).
  2. If you are using something new to your energy, I highly recommend "getting to know" your pendulum.  Carry it with you.  Let it attune to your vibration and you it its vibes.  The more you get to know your crystal, the better you two can work together.
  3. Ground and center yourself prior to using your pendulum.  This allows your ego to rest and your intuition to rise.
  4. Hold the pendulum from the top of the string, cord, chain, etc.  Allow it to suspend from your fingertips. Steady its movement.
  5. You can either ask your pendulum to show you a "yes" or "no" response, or you can ask it obvious questions that you know the answer to.  Example: "My name is ____." "The sky is green."
  6. Ask it your yes/no question!

Notice how the pendulum moves (or doesn't move) when seeking the response movement.  It will move one way for a "yes" response and another way for a "no" response. My pendulums tend to circle clockwise for "yes" and move back and forth in a line for "no."

Every pendy is different.  Yours might move counterclockwise for "yes" and clockwise for "no."  Or maybe it swings back and forth for "yes" and doesn't move for "no."

If you aren't getting any response from your pendulum, let it get to know you a little more and then try again.  Or try another one that you feel more aligned to work with.  

I recommend cleansing your pendulums when you get them and before/after every use to keep their energy nice and clear. 

Like I said, every pendulum is different.  Some will be easier for you to work with than others.  Some will show you different responses for answers.  There's no wrong way to do this, have fun with it!

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