Breathwork can be a form of meditation, where we use our breath as a focus point to steady the mind. 🧘🏻‍♀️
Our breath body is the doorway from our physical body to our more subtle bodies. This is where our chakras exist; think of the potential for healing here. ✨
When we start to observe the breath, we can observe the movement of energy through our physical body and through our subtle bodies.
Photo: Kiley Shai Photography @ We Will Rise Mastermind with Andee Love.
From there, we can begin to manipulate the breath and work to achieve specific experiences or results, and clear out any energetic blockages... Things like unprocessed emotions, trauma, etc. gets “stuck” in our energy fields and natural flow of prana, life force energy, is hindered. Working with the breath creates space for healing and gives us access to that connection. 🌀
What I really love about working with the breath, is that it makes something intangible, seem almost tangible. Healing is so abstract and most of time you are called to only surrender and witness. It’s really hard for me to feel like I’m not “doing” anything. 🙇🏻‍♀️
Breathwork gives me the feeling that I AM doing something. It’s a practice I can feel in my body, and somewhat grasp with my mind. I can notice my breath and I can work with it by subtly manipulating and controlling it... that feels so much better than just sitting there and trying to quiet my mind. (Which is never really quiet anyway, amiright? 😅 #TeamOverThinkEverything)
The breath gives me a focus point and it moves SO MUCH ENERGY. Without ever having to know what was stuck, why it got stuck there, or long it’s been like that... It just moves it, and that’s what we need to heal.
The breath practice JUST WORKS and it’s wild how such a subtle practice can create such massive shifts. ✨
I’m excited to share this with you, and I really hope you join me sometime, if this is sparking something inside you.

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