5 Tips for Working with Crystals

Beginning to work with crystals can be super over-whelming.  We tend to overthink things, and if you are like me, that makes you freeze and not do anything at all.

I'm here to let you know that it doesn't have to be like that!

Here are my 5 tips for starting to work with crystals:

1. Be open - What we don't believe won't work.  Keep an open mind and practice being a non-judgmental witness of your experience.

2. Throw out the expectations - Expectations limit our experience.  When we do energy work, energy always seeks to align with our highest good.  Sometimes the result or change that you think you need isn't what best serves you.  Setting expectations limit results.  What we imagine is smaller than what the Universe can provide us. 

3. Start with crystals that you're strongly attracted to - Practice using your intuition.  You are drawn to the crystals you need most in your life right now.  You might feel a pull to work with one, or find one visually pleasing.  Or maybe you pick one up and you don't know why.  Go with it.

4. Learn as you go - Don't wait until you know everything.  Start with the crystals you are drawn to and learn about them as you go.  Notice how your intuitively chosen stones reflect on your current situation, fulfill a need for healing, or offer hand in overcoming obstacles. 

5. Understand that everyone's experience is different - Notice what you think, feel, and sense with your crystals.  Pay attention to emotions and physical sensations.  Don't try to change or control what's happening.  Let your experience be what it is.  Not everyone will react to the same crystal the same way.  Each experience is unique and personal and depends on your perspectives, vibration, needs, and beliefs.  


I hope this information gives you some guidance on your crystal journey!  There is some more info for newbies here.  Can't wait to here how things are going for you!



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